CREIGHTON MODEL FertilityCareTM System &
NaPro Technology

For family planning:

As a system of family planning, the CREIGHTON MODEL FertilityCareTM System (CrMS) can be used to both achieve and avoid pregnancy. Couples with normal fertility have a success rate of 96.8% (user rate) in avoiding pregnancy. (JRepMed 6/98) This method can be used in all reproductive situations, educates a woman about her health, promotes shared responsibility, and is relatively low cost.

For menstrual and fertility disorders:

The CREIGHTON MODEL FertilityCareTM System is the only family planning system used with NaProTechnology, the reproductive health science that helps a trained physician to identify the underlying cause of many health problems experienced by women. By working cooperatively with the reproductive and gynecologic systems, NaPro Technology can be used by trained physicians to more accurately identify and then treat hormone imbalances, to identify potential risk for infertility and miscarriage, and to date the beginning of pregnancy.

Instruction/Follow-Up Schedule

Learning the system consists in attending an Introductory Session and individualized Follow Up Sessions. The client/couple leaves the Introductory Session with the necessary materials and enough basic information to begin charting her cycle. Following two weeks of charting, the client/couple begins a series of private 1 hour follow-ups with their FertilityCare Practitioner for detailed instruction specific to the women’s cycle as it unfolds on her chart.

In the usual schedule, there are 5 follow ups in the first 3 months and 3 follow ups over the next 9 months. Subsequent follow-ups are recommended every 6-12 months as needed. When a woman’s body changes whether from pregnancy, illness, menopause, etc., follow-ups are again more frequent until the couple is confident with the new charting pattern.

For couples suffering with infertility or women with menstrual disorders, it will usually take at least 2 months of charting before testing and any treatment could be started.

Many couples have been successfully taught over long distances. While a couple must come to an Introductory Session, follow ups can be arranged using telephone and mail. A woman will send a copy of her chart a few days before the follow up and then call the teacher at the scheduled time.


  • Introductory Session: $25/couple
  • First year: $125
  • Follow up Session: $15/ session after first year
(Please note that no one is ever turned away because of inability to pay.)


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